ANTIFA – The Latest Stupidity By Trump And His Gang.


I knew it. Sooner or later the Republicans would wheel out their mouthpieces who would ramp up the discussion about the George Floyd demonstrations and start talking about the coming American apocalypse or worse. It started the other day with Newt Gingrich (remember him?) who wheeled himself onto a FOX show and said that the demonstrations were an ‘war on American civilization.’  Not to be undone, yesterday Rush pushed out the phrase ‘civil war,’ as a possibility even though (his attorneys must have been listening closely) he was only making a ‘casual’ remark.  He wasn’t calling for a civil war which, by the way, happens to be a felony under federal law. He was just ‘thinking out loud.’ Yea, right.

So now I’m going to do a little thinking out loud too. What these schmucks are doing is pandering to Trump’s claim that the demonstrations are terrorism because they are being led or fomented or something by the ANTIFA gang. He’s also decided to ‘label’ ANTIFA as a terrorist group, as if the word ‘label’ has any real legal meaning at all. It doesn’t. Trump does have the legal authority to create labels for his clothing, his wines, his apartment buildings and whatever else he wants to peddle under his own name. He’s so stupid that he probably believes that applying the word ‘label’ to ANTIFA as a terrorist group means the same thing.

The ANTIFA movement, such as it is, started in Berkeley – where else? The members of the group took their name and inspiration from the anti-Fascist resistance activities which occurred in Europe both before and after World War II. Except in Europe these activities were usually organized and led by political parties on the Left, particularly parties of the various Communist and Socialist stripes.

Now here’s an important point: When I got involved in first civil rights and then anti-war activities in the 1960’s, nobody referred to the Democratic Party as the ‘Left.’ My parents and all their friends voted Democratic because they were liberals, and liberals made a distinction between themselves and the Left, meaning Socialists and Communists. Remember that until the 1990’s the Left was considered to be allied with the Soviet Union, or the Chinese, or other governments that followed a Socialist or Communist line. All of that changed when the great Marxist experiment collapsed in the 1990’s, whereupon the GOP started referring to the ‘Democrat’ Party as the ‘Left.’

This idea that Republicans and Democrats should be described as belonging to the Right and the Left is nothing more than an attempt by the GOP and their FOX PR-machine to pretend that if you’re on the Right, you’re a good, honest, patriotic and God-fearing American; if you’re on the Left you’re just a Socialist, a Commie and most of all, you aren’t true blue. You don’t believe in America, you don’t want America to be great strong, and most of all, you want to take everything that real honest and hard-working Americans have created and give it to the you-know-who’s.

What the demonstrations of the last week indicate to me is that the basic political fault-line in this country is still about race. In 2019, the cops shot and killed 370 Whites, 148 Hispanics and 249 Blacks. Roughly one-third of the U.S. population are Blacks and Hispanics yet these two races represent almost half the number of victims fatally-injured by the cops.

Know when was the last time that asshole Trump said anything about police brutality? It was in a speech to cops in 2017 when he joked about slamming a guy’s head into the roof of a police car while pushing the guy into the back seat.

I can guarantee you that if Trump resigned the Presidency today that the demonstrations would end tonight. Anyone who thinks that what’s going on right now is anything other than a response to the overt and endless racism of Trump and his minions like Rush Limbaugh for the last four years has only been listening to non-stop cool jazz on the radio or watching 24/7 of JTV.


1 thought on “ANTIFA – The Latest Stupidity By Trump And His Gang.

  1. When I was a kid, the Left was made up of Communists, Socialists, IWW and the like. The Right was the John Birch Society, the KKK and American Nazi Party, George Wallace’s American Independence Party, and the like.

    Democrats and Republicans were considered all of the middle of the road. Both extremes, as Ike would say, land you in the gutter.



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