Trump’s Police State.


Not to be outdone in the click-bait wars, the website Salon has now decided that Asshole Trump is now turning the United States into a ‘police state.’ And to make sure that nobody questions this assessment, they dug up a Harvard psychiatrist to render this diagnosis. After all, it’s Harvard, right?

Let’s remember something about Harvard and here I’m going to settle an old score. Asshole Trump didn’t send nearly 60,000 young boys to their deaths and Asshole Trump didn’t tear this country apart far beyond anything that has happened in the last three years the way the country was torn apart during the Viet Nam War. This was war was promoted by, among others, a group of Presidential advisers brought down to the White House from Harvard. And not one of that bunch, not Schlesinger, not Rostow, not one of them ever had the decency to apologize for what they did.

Now we have another Harvard expert who claims to be able to diagnose Asshole Trump without ever having spent one second in a clinical setting with the patient. Forgetting that this is a medical procedure right out of the advice column in Psychology Today, what’s even worse is the doctor’s attempt to scare the living sh*t out of everyone by proclaiming that Trump is either a sociopath or a psychopath, and either way, he will try to “prevent or overturn” the election and impose a police state.

Leaving aside the fact that this Harvard expert has never talked to Trump, where does he get his idea that Trump is going to burn down the Capitol the way that Hitler burned down the Reichstag in 1933? Actually, the good psychiatrist doesn’t really identify the location where Trump will set off his big blaze and then use it to end all our Constitutional rights. He assumes that the event will be even more grandiose, maybe a war with China or Iran.

Meanwhile, the same day that this crazy story appeared in Salon, the guy who is planning to end all our Constitutional liberties ordered the National Guard troops called out to protect the White House to be sent home. They did put up an extra fence around the White House in anticipation of another big demonstration over the weekend, by the way. Even though there was a big demonstration which never presented any kind of threat to the Executive Mansion, at least Trump can now say that he actually did build a wall someplace in the United States.

Talking about what Asshole Trump says and doesn’t say, this guy is far and away the President who says more and does less than any other President we have ever had. He was going to pull the troops out of Iraq. Yea, right. He was going to pull us out of the WHO. Yea, right. He was going to make a trade deal with China. Yea, right.  Now he says he’s pulling some troops out of West Germany except maybe he is and maybe he’s not.

Here’s the good news. Today’s CNN poll not only shows Joe up by 14 points, but the undecided vote is down to 4 points. I just want to remind everyone, however, that it’s not the national numbers that count.  It’s the numbers in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan and PA, and the spread in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania is under 4, with the undecideds in Wisconsin at 11.

Those are scary numbers.  I don’t care what the national polls say. Let’s forget all this nonsense about a ‘police state.’ Rather, let’s remember what Al Capone said: “Vote early, vote often.”

Doesn’t have to be the same people who do both, but everyone better get out there and vote at least once.




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