Is Trump Another Reagan? Don’t Hold Your Breath.


So yesterday CNN published a national poll which put Joe ahead of the Asshole by 14 points. Other recent polls also indicate a surge in support for Joe provoking a White House ‘leak’ that schmucky son-in-law Kushner’s job may be on the line. What a surprise! Sooner or later everyone who has gotten on the White House payroll since 2017 finds their job on the line. Even Asshole Trump is now finding his job on the line.

Hey – wait a minute!  I thought that Trump’s victory in 2016 was the start of a new movement in American politics that would eclipse any other shift in the country’s political alignment prior to that time. He said this again and again to his audiences during the campaign, Now he’s calling his supporters an ‘army,’ which I guess is his way of thanking that pathetic bunch of crapheads who wandered around on the steps of Michigan’s State Capitol waving their AR-15’s.

Either way, the bottom line is that Asshole Trump wants everyone to believe his latest big lie, which is that he’s the most popular President of all time. And because he’s so popular, he’s going to win November in a walk.  Why bother to even hold the election? It’s over before it begins.

The problem is that if you look at the numbers since 1960, Asshole Trump may be the only incumbent Republican President other than George H. W. Bush who could lose the office after one term. What’s really interesting is that when you compare the results in 2016 to every other national race since Kennedy versus Nixon, what jumps out is how razor-thin the Asshole’s victory actually was.

Prior to 2016, the GOP controlled the Oval Office for 28 of the previous 56 years. So to begin, neither party can say it has had a lock on the Executive Mansion, and the only reason that the GOP captured 54% to 46% of all electoral votes between 1960 and 2016 was because of the  Nixon victory in 1972 and the two Reagan landslides in 1980 and 1984. Had these three elections not tilted so far towards the red side of the field, the 7,996 electoral votes cast in all 15 elections prior to 2016 would have been evenly split. The Asshole has often said that he’s a more popular President than Reagan. In fact, Reagan got 90% and then 97% of all electoral votes, the Asshole got 57%.

This even-steven electoral voting between the two parties shows up in popular vote totals as well. In the 16 national contests since 1960, the GOP total vote has been 698 million, the Democrats have snagged 693 million total votes, with the percentage difference being 50.2% red versus 49.8% blue. The only other time that a Republican won the Presidency but didn’t get a majority of the popular vote was the Bush-Gore race in 2000, when the difference in the percentage of total votes between the two candidates was less than 3/10ths of one percent, or roughly 500,000 votes. The Asshole lost the 2016 popular contest by almost 3 million votes.

The moment you step back from the current noise being made by the Asshole and his dwindling band of supporters, you realize that this guy is pushing a PR narrative which not only isn’t true right now, in fact, it’s never been true. He won Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by 77,700 votes out of 13.2 million votes cast for him and Hillary in those three states. That’s what put him over the top. A difference of 2/10ths of one percent marks the beginning of a new political movement?  Give me a break.

Of course the other question which those numbers force us to consider is this: How could the Clinton campaign have done so badly in those three states and is Joe doomed to repeat her mistakes?

I’m still working on that one. Stay tuned.


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