At Least This Week Trump Loves The Police

911 shirt

Back on March 22nd, for the first time in his entire Presidency, the Asshole registered a positive amount of support in the Gallup tracking poll, with 49% approving of his behavior and 45% saying he wasn’t doing a good job. He repeated these numbers again on April 28th, again reaching 49% positive versus 47% who disapproved.

In the latest Gallup count, the Asshole’s disapproval number is up to 57%, with 39% not liking what’s going on. This is the widest ‘good’ versus ‘no good’ gap this year. Two weeks ago, what remains of the Trump noise machine was bravely announcing that his Gallup approval ratings were higher than either Bush or Obama at the same point in their first terms. The more recent poll numbers plus the 14-point spread between Asshole and Joe in the recent CNN poll has ended any discussion in Asshole Nation about the great survey news.

Earlier this week I did a column about the voting for and against Trump in 2016, and I basically said that all this talk about Trump heading a new and powerful political movement was nothing but hot-air PR.  If his political movement is so big and so strong, how come I can buy a MAGA hat, the ‘official’ movement uniform, online for ten bucks? There’s a guy on eBay selling two of them for $5.99.

What message hasn’t the Asshole tried in order to keep the MAGA movement growing every day? First he tried to prove that the 3 million popular vote margin delivered to Hillary was because of fraudulent votes. Then he claimed that the ‘deep state’ was feeding the mainstream media ‘fake news.’ Then he said that it was Biden, not him, who misbehaved in the Ukraine. That was followed by blaming the Chinese in league with the World Health Organization for COVID-19.

Now we have a new message from Asshole to his MAGA fans, namely, that what the Socialists, the Communists, the liberals, the media, the Left, the Democrat Party, the Antifa terrorists, the everybody else is trying to do, is attack the police, which is just a step removed from attacking motherhood, tax cuts for the wealthy, and God.

Appealing to the so-called ‘silent majority’ on the issue of maintaining law and order in the face of political demonstrations has been a staple of Republican politics since Nixon first trotted out the idea in a 1969 speech. And what does the ‘silent majority’ expect their President to do? Be tough on crime, which means supporting the police.

Actually, the President who was tough on crime and supported the cops more than any other President wasn’t a Republican, it was a Democrat named Bill Clinton. His 1994 crime bill not only added 70,000 police to the law-enforcement employment rolls, but also jacked up minority incarceration rates like crazy, rates which were then reduced thanks to changes in crime laws approved by none other than Asshole Trump.

Be that as it may, the Asshole is now reverting to typical GOP form in calling for more support for the police, except there’s only one little problem with his approach. The Asshole has also voiced his support again and again for the so-called patriots who show up at various political events toting their assault rifles in order to protect the rest of us from any harm.

The idea of armed civilians making sure that everyone can exercise their Constitutional ‘rights’ to say whatever idea pops into and then out of their heads has been a staple of gun-industry marketing for the last thirty or forty years. And what’s behind this narrative is the idea that, when all is said and done, you better not trust the police. Call 911 and God knows how long you’ll have to wait until a police cruiser shows up. How long does it take to pull a Glock out of your pocket? Five seconds or less.

If the Asshole maintains his pro-police stance for more than a week, sooner or later the cops will call up and remind him that it’s really better if the MAGA gang would leave their guns at home. But by the time the call is made, no doubt Asshole Trump will have forgotten the ‘silent majority’ and moved onto something else.

143 days until November 2nd.





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