Black Lives Matter = Fake News.


Last week the White House sends out the ‘truth’ squad in the form of Mike Pence to explain how and why we all have it wrong when it comes to thinking that maybe, just maybe the lamestream media has gotten it wrong again when it comes to how Trump thinks about Blacks and race.

So here’s Pence sitting there, talking to some TV guy and explaining why it’s not Black lives that matter but all lives that matter: “And in this nation, especially on Juneteenth, we celebrate the fact that from the founding of this nation we’ve cherished the ideal that all, all of us are created equal, and endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. And so all lives matter in a very real sense.”

Did this schmuck actually say what I thought I heard him say? Does he really believe that we were all ‘equal’ back in 1776? Hey! Maybe the Civil War was just a made-for-television show produced by the same company that produced the Access Hollywood tape. After all, when the locker-room talk between Trump and Billy Budd first hit the airwaves, Trump claimed it was a ‘fake.’ So maybe the Civil War was fake news, too. And for that matter, maybe the 13th Amendment is fake. And maybe the killing of George Floyd was faked.

In case you didn’t know it, much of the media, or I should say the deep-state media’s attention to Covid-19 is also fake news. In fact, there really isn’t a new and totally unprecedented corona virus floating around that has already killed more than 100,000 Americans.

Nonsense! That’s just another piece of fakery designed to take down Trump. Russia, Ukraine, recession, it’s all fake.  How could the recession that started in February be anything except fake news when it was reported by NPR?  If that’s not fake, nothing’s fake.

Maybe I’m wrong, but this whole ‘fake news’ thing seems to have begun back in the 1890’s when mass tabloids started competing for daily readers, in particular ‘yellow’ journalistic efforts owned by Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. But the phrase gained its present-day currency when Trump gave out ‘fake news’ awards to media people who wrote about his campaign’s ties to Russia or other stories he didn’t like, even though most of the internet fakery were false ads on Facebook that promoted his campaign.

Trump’s still running completely false and misleading advertising on the internet, by the way. But at least the owners of Facebook and Twitter have finally begun to exercise a bit of control over how their networks are being used to pollute the daily info-stream. Not to be outdone, of course, but you can always keep up your vigilance about how the anti-Trump forces continue to peddle fake news by watching that idiot Laura Ingraham on Fox explain why there is now a ‘medical deep state’ led by Dr. Fauci who is trying to persuade people to stay away from tonight’s MAGA rally.

In the olden days, like way back in 2012, Presidential campaigns actually turned on how the candidates stood on issues like the economy, like foreign affairs, like taxes, stupid, meaningless things like that. What probably cost Hillary the 2016 election was her silly notion that her position on gender equality, gun control and health care were what the campaign was all about. Wow!  Talk about being way behind the times.

Last month the Infowars website received more than 9 million hits. This is the website which peddled the idea that the murder of 20 children at an elementary school in Sandy Hook, CT didn’t take place. How often does the Trump team use content from Infowars to promote the idea that there’s no difference between liberal media and fake news? They use it all the time.

So why shouldn’t the Vice President get up and say that everyone living in the United States was equal from the country’s very first day? Do you really believe that the vote on November 3rd will turn on which candidate makes an argument more closely aligned with the facts?

Fact: ‘All lives matter.’ Isn’t that a fact?




1 thought on “Black Lives Matter = Fake News.

  1. It is a metaphysical “fact” that all lives matter equally, though not everyone believes it or acts upon the stated affirmation. Not even Abraham Lincoln believed that enslaved Africans were of equal value to those with far less pigmentation in his time. Black lives have been devalued form the inception of this country. This is a fact.

    The perspective from which one assesses a matter is directly related to how much truth is seen. Much of our society is myopic (short-sighted), or even functionally blind to any perspective from of a longer and broader view. Just have a look at this video? The trailer is here but the full film is worth purchasing.
    What does it say about society’s attributed value to Black bodies, minds, and capacities?

    The problem is that the systems in our society don’t convey equal value of each human. Although all lives are of inherently equal value, all lives aren’t TREATED as such. Therefore people will continually need to be reminded of that fundamental fact until society as-is is drastically structured into a new creation which produces results that signify comprehension of the oneness of all humanity. I really love the book by mathematician and philosopher William S. Hatcher called Love, Power, and Justice: The Dynamics of Authentic Morality which addresses this issue of “value” in mathematical and philosophical terms.


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