The Tulsa Rally Couldn’t Have Been Better – For The Other Side.

trump rally

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this column about last night’s Trump-Nuremberg rally at Tulsa, but a story caught my eye this morning, and if you haven’t seen it, I think you need to think about it right now.

Actually, it’s not a story. It’s a video. And the video was made by a 51-year old woman who lives in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Now this isn’t Fort Didge in Brooklyn or Fort Dodge in Seattle. This is Fort Dodge, Iowa, which according to RCP, still has Trump up over by Biden by 1.5 points, even though in the Morning Consult survey, Trump’s approval rating in Iowa is down to 45%.

Last week Trump announced that he had given out more than one million tickets and the campaign was making plans to seat some of the overflow at the convention center next door. Actually, Trump hadn’t dome anything at all. What happened was that his campaign manager Brad Parscale, the alleged internet genius, told him they had received over a million ticket requests from phones.

What in fact they had received were totally phony ticket requests from users of websites like AltTikTok and other websites whose users are mostly teens trying to outdo each other with crazy memes, silly video pranks and other home-made content that has basically taken over social media since the kids have all been out of school. No wonder Trump made a point of saying that schools had to re-open, even though schools would be closed right now for the summer break even without Covid-19.

I watched about 5 minutes of Trump’s spiel last night and turned it off because he was just plodding along doing what has become the same old, same old: Biden is a stiff, the Democrats want to tear down America, the protestors are anarchists, terrorist or worse, etc. Forget the Ukraine, forget Russia, forget his phony tax returns – Trump is now committing what my dear friend Jimmy Breslin once said was the worst crime that any politician can commit – he’s become boring.

What I couldn’t see from the camera that was stuck right in front of the rostrum were the empty seats all over the hall. And even though the Trump campaign tried to explain the small crowd as resulting from protestors outside the rally making it difficult for people to get in, there were no protestors outside the hall. At least there weren’t enough protestors to get the cops concerned.

Notice one other thing about the crowd inside the stadium. Not one, single mask. In fact, what seems to be happening is that the cultural divide in America is no longer about religion, or race, or immigration, or abortion, or any of those other hot-button issues which have been promoted by the GOP since they discovered that the word ‘liberal’ could be used as a catch-all description of everything in America that’s wrong.

trump rally2

Want to show your friends and neighbors that you still support Trump? Forget the lawn sign, forget the MAGA banner or bumper sticker, forget the Tea Party ‘don’t tread on me’ flag. Just make a point of going out in public without a mask.

Now of course you might have some trouble getting into Wal Mart, the local supermarket, or the mini-mart to pick up whatever food or other necessities you need. But doing without those potato chips, cigarettes, or lottery tickets for the next couple of months is a small price to pay when it comes to showing your respect and support for our Commander in Chief.

The most remarkable thing Trump said last night was how he explained away the death of more than 120,000 Americans from COVID-19. Ready? Actually, his decisive and quick response to the virus saved 200,000 lives. That’s how many more people would have died if he hadn’t shut down travel from China at the beginning of the year.

If one thing came out of Tulsa, it’s that Trump’s monopoly over social media in 2016 has come to an end. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy or at a better time.


2 thoughts on “The Tulsa Rally Couldn’t Have Been Better – For The Other Side.

  1. “What in fact they had received were totally phony ticket requests from users of websites like AltTikTok”

    The empty seats mean the kids succeeded with their pranks? Maybe thousands of brave people risked death to hear their candidate talk 😷 I can hardly wait to hear what the conservative radio shows say on Monday.


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