The Trump Campaign Just Found A New Slogan.


Yesterday the TV-reality show known as Trump did a broadcast out of Arizona based on two events created to underscore what a great job #45 has been doing for the last three-plus years. The first episode had Trump inspecting the border wall, which now runs almost 200 miles along a border which happens to be more than 1,200 miles long. The second episode was a rally inside an Evangelical church hosted by a crazy, right-wing religious group named Turning Point, which goes after college students with the idea that atheism and big government are one and the same thing.

A month ago, Arizona was running an average of 400 virus cases a day.  Now the daily average is over 2,000. Even the Governor, who until this week was slavishly supporting Trump’s plan to re-open the country, admitted that “what we’re seeing today really concerns us.”  No shit, Sherlock.

Meanwhile, inside the Church where Trump spoke, there wasn’t a mask in sight. Back in the 1950’s when we rolled out the Salk Vaccine, maybe the anti-vaccination crazies should have adopted as their logo an iron lung. See how technology improves things? Now you can make the same kind of political statement by just not wearing a mask.

What I would like to see is someone in the political polling business do a poll which doesn’t turn on Biden versus Trump, but instead asks those stalwart Trump supporters, his so-called ‘base,’ to indicate whether they will continue to support him no matter how far from reality he strays. Is there anything he says, no matter how crazy or completely wrong, that would make some of them finally realize that they’re dealing with ‘sleepy’ Donald Trump?

Our friend Gail Lehmann has been compiling Trump’s statements about the virus for an online Connecticut news magazine, and you can see his latest pronouncements right here. Some of the better ones go like this:

May 6: “There’s been no person, in our whole country, that hasn’t had a ventilator if they needed it.” That’s just a lie.

May 28: “The Radical Left Lamestream Media, together with their partners, the Do Nothing Democrats, are trying to spread a new narrative that President Trump was slow in reacting to Covid 19.” Trump was so ‘quick’ in reacting to the virus that the European Union  is about to prohibit Americans from entering the EU.

June 5: “We’ve made every decision correctly.” Tell that one to Dr. Fauci.

June 18: “I personally think testing is overrated, even though I created the greatest testing machine in history.” Anything having to do with science is overrated.

June 18: “Only people who are against me are wearing masks.” Perfect, just perfect.

Last night I watched most of the Obama-Biden event and what struck me is how both Joe and Barack made it clear that they were aiming their comments at Trump, not at the GOP. In fact, they made a point of saying that the election was all about Trump because, after all, his entire public narrative is totally and completely about him.

Trump’s loony speech at the Evangelical church in Arizona reminded me of 1994 when Ollie North ran in Virginia for a U.S. Senate Seat. He went up against Chuck Robb and his entire campaign turned on Robb’s extra-marital affairs. Where did this narrative play best? In Evangelical churches which, for the most part, were the only venues where North was invited to speak. And by the way, at Trump’s church rally yesterday, the chant ‘Kung Flu’ has now replaced ‘Lock her up.’

If you honestly believe that atheism and big government are one and the same thing, then nothing Trump can say would make you suspend your pro-Trump beliefs. But I can’t believe that the average GOP voter would buy such crap, so the question is this:

How do you get Trump’s ‘base’ to realize that the guy they voted for in 2016 has fallen flat on his face? You only have to get that message out in three or four states…

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