Want To Protect Yourself From Covid-19? Don’t Wear A Mask.




Back on June 16th, Trump may have made the single, dumbest political statement he has ever made when he told The Wall Street Journal that people were wearing face masks because they don’t like him. Since he uttered that remark, the number of confirmed cases has jumped in at least 20 states, and Republican Governors in both Texas and Arizona have re-imposed some social distancing rules.

The virus situation in Florida has become so serious that the Governor has warned bars and restaurants that they might lose their liquor licenses if they do not follow proper distancing regulations. This Governor, Ron DeSantis, has until now been Toady Number One when it comes to promoting Trump’s re-opening of public space.

How did Trump respond to the ground collapsing underneath his feet when it comes to the Covid spread?  He put the video of Biden saying that we had “125 million dead” on his Twitter and tweeted: “If I ever said something so mortifyingly stupid, the Fake News Media would come down on me with a vengeance.”

But Joe was wearing a mask. And pictures have a funny way of being more important than words. And the fact that Joe makes a verbal gaffe here and there has become old news. From the beginning of the outbreak, Joe has made it clear that he’ll follow the advice of the scientific and medical researchers to respond to the viral threat; Trump still doesn’t even believe that Covid-19 represents a threat.

The latest news about the degree of threat posed by this virus came on the Twitter of a physician, Scott Gottlieb, who presented data from Florida which shows that the hospital mortality rate for Covid patients aged 35-44 is nearly 5 percent.  Gottlieb refers to this number as ‘exceptionally high’ because most patients in that age bracket do not have the pre-existing health conditions that have been associated with many viral deaths.

Scott Gottlieb isn’t just some doctor who likes to tweet. He happens to be a Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a ‘contributor’ to CNBC. So whatever else he is, Gottlieb’s no flaming liberal or pointy-headed intellectual, that’s for sure.

When it comes to what Trump should be saying and not saying, guess who’s back in town? Nobody other than Karl Rove, who has been ‘informally’ advising Trump since May. Rove was the genius who stood up before a national TV audience in 2008, and as the entire media was just announcing that Obama had won the election, Rove was saying that the victory would go to McCain. Now he’s pushing the idea that the recent polling showing Trump way behind doesn’t necessarily mean anything because George H.W. Bush was 17 points behind Dukakis in May, 1998.

Here we have the Trump campaign team rolling out one, national Gallup poll that is more than thirty years old to refute what has now become an avalanche of local, state, and national polls showing Trump falling further and further behind. And Trump’s collapse in the polls is occurring exactly at the same time that the virus is spiking all over the place.

The second dumbest statement about the virus was made by Mike Pence, who held a Friday briefing on the great job being done by the Administration to protect us from Covid-19. When asked whether holding a public rally which did not require the crowd to wear masks was a smart idea, here was what this numbskull said: “it’s really important to recognize how important freedom and personal responsibility are to this entire equation.”

So now we have Trump not only protecting America by refusing to wear a mask, he’s also protecting the Constitution and the ‘right’ of Americans to decide whether or not they want to catch the virus and get sick.

I’m not saying the election is over. What I am saying is that Trump is proving day after day that he should go back to developing hotels and golf courses and leave the running of the country to people other than the schmucks who are running things now.

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1 thought on “Want To Protect Yourself From Covid-19? Don’t Wear A Mask.

  1. We are in “the fog of war” with this new virus. Making it such a red v blue political issue is well, dumb. “FreeDumb! I want my FreeDumb to not wear a mask!”

    Yeah, sure. You betcha.


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