Donald Trump And Alan Dershowitz – A Perfect Pair.


I happen to be Jewish, first-generation American-born on my mother’ side. Consequently, I was raised in a household where Yiddish was spoken as frequently as English, and I have managed to retain most of the Yiddish-isms I learned as a kid. One of the phrases I learned was the phrase which is the single, moist insulting thing that one Jew can say about another Jew by calling the object of his derision a ‘grubbe Yid.’

A grubbe Yid is a Jew who will do anything, no matter how sleazy, no matter how disgusting, no matter how vile, to earn a buck. And if Alan Dershowitz doesn’t fit the profile of a grubbe Yid, I don’t know who does.

Believe it or not, I thought his appeal of Claus von Bulow’s conviction was spot on. Maybe old Clausy-boy had poisoned his wife, maybe not. But the use of so-called ‘evidence’ to convict von Bulow that was dug up by a private investigator hired by Sunny von Bulow’s kids was a shocking and almost frightening abuse of prosecutorial power.  Plus, I liked the movie, Reversal of Fortune, made about the von Bulow case.

Dershowitz began to give me a pain in the ass when he started a noisy and public campaign to promote the Likud government in Israel and its decision to gradually nullify he Camp David accords and effectively sabotage any attempt to create a Palestinian national state. Along with giving speeches at various right-wing Jewish conclaves, he has done work for Shelly Adelson, the casino magnate who used to promote Donald Trump, and his book The Case for Israel, to be blunt, is a tissue of lies.

What really got me pissed off at Dershowitz, however, was when it came out that he was representing none other than Jeffrey Epstein in those disgusting negotiations with U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, to get Epstein off the hook. Acosta’s role in this sordid affair cost him a Cabinet post in the Trump Administration, Epstein served 13 months in a private apartment connected to the Palm Beach County Jail, which is where he entertained Dershowitz on New Year’s Day, 2009. You can read all of this information in a detailed story in New York Magazine that was published in 2019.

It still isn’t clear whether Dershowitz was or wasn’t screwing around with some teenagers supplied by Epstein. Dersh of course denies the allegations. One of Epstein’s so-called ‘sex slaves’ claims that she and Dersh got it on. In fact, he may have been named as well by a second member of the Epstein stable. Will some of this come out now that Epstein’s chief procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell, been indicted for running her little ‘talent agency’ on Epstein’s behalf?  Maybe yes, maybe no.

But when it comes to behaving like a grubbe Yid, nothing comes close to what Dershowitz did with Donald Trump.  Beginning right after Trump took office, Dershowitz got himself a Fox News gig defending the President against any and all attempts to say anything negative about how poor Donald was being attacked by the Deep State. He was always introduced on Fox as a ‘retired’ member of the Harvard Law School faculty even though nobody ever ‘retires’ from Harvard.

At some point Dershowitz came down to the White House and told Trump he would defend him if he were given a retainer of one million bucks. Dershowitz has denied this story but this is the kind of behavior that we get from grubbe Yids. When it was announced that Trump had hired both Dershowitz and Ken Starr to defend him in his impeachment trial, Starr refused to say whether he was getting paid, Dersh claimed he was working for free. Yea, right.

Meanwhile, now that Ghislaine Maxwell is sitting in jail, indicted on multiple counts of sex abuse of minors, one of whom claims to have provided Dershowitz with something more than a ‘health massage,’ let’s see how long it takes her to roll over and maybe force Dershowitz to stop pretending that he’s such decent guy.

Just imagine this: getting rid of Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz at the same time. Couldn’t happen to two nicer guys.

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