Trump Will Definitely Get The Black Vote. Maybe Even Two Black Votes.

blacks for trump

Yesterday I broke down and for a measly hundred bucks a month got AT&T to turn back on my DirecTV subscription so that I can watch the cable news. After all, we’re less than four months away from THE DAY, so as Don Corleone says, I need to keep my enemies as close as I can.

I ended up watching a Fox & Friends segment featuring a Black lady named Stacy Washington who represents something called Black Voices for Trump, which is obviously a PR gig by Trump to reach out to all those Blacks who aren’t really black.

This lady was asked to make a comment about the ‘unity’ announcement by Joe and Bern, in particular whether this meant that Joe was becoming ‘more progressive’ and would turn off centrist Democrats who might now consider voting for Trump.

When Ms. Washington was asked why Democratic voters should now move over to the other side, here was her response: “Americans aren’t interested in progressive politics like the green new deal. They want to get past the corona virus and get back to working again, earning money again, feeling free again, educating their children again and doing all the things that the President wants them to do.”

So what the latest GOP election gambit seems to be is this: You had it great until the Chinese flu was sent over here in January, and now that we have it under control, you’ll have it great again.

Oh, and before I forget, the spokesperson for Black Voices for Trump also mentioned that the progressive “agenda” also included defunding the police. Of course this wasn’t a concern for Ms. Washington because she claimed to be “armed to the teeth.” She actually said those words – I’m quoting exactly what she said. But for those who still wanted to be able to “dial 911,” they needed to know that the cops, if called, would still show up.

Am I in the real world? Does the kid who writes the script for Ms. Washington really believe that there’s anyone out there who would respond positively to such crap? This can’t be real. It can’t.

What I loved most of all was the phrase ‘get past the corona virus’ because all of a sudden the ‘Chinese flu’ has disappeared. Actually, that’s not true. The Chinese flu is what White people get when they show up at the Tulsa rally without wearing masks – Covid-19 cases spiked in Tulsa this week in case you didn’t know. The corona virus, on the other hand, is evidently a mutation of the Chinese flu which infects Blacks.

How well are Black Americans ‘getting past’ the corona virus? According to the CDC, the hospitalization rate from the virus for non-Hispanic Blacks is almost five times higher than the rate for White.  And that crazy, hysterical Anthony Fauci (who’s not a real doctor, by the way) keeps saying that the Covid’s ‘second wave’ of infections isn’t even here.

It just occurred to me that Black Voices for Trump probably includes two very prominent Black men – Ben Carson who runs HUD and the pizza guy Herman Cain. When the virus vaccine is finally ready to go, Carson will again warn everyone about the dangers of too many vaccinations, and perhaps Herman Cain will have finished being treated in the hospital after attending Trump’s Tulsa rally and contracting the disease.

Today on his Twitter feed, Dr. Trump (M.D. from Harvard Medical School) informed us that we have tested 40 million people and had we tested only 20 million, the number of people who have caught the virus would be half the number who have gotten infected by the disease.

Why don’t we just stop testing altogether, particularly people of color who can count on the advice of experts like Ben Carson and Herman Cain? Nobody gets tested, nobody gets sick. We can all go back to enjoying ourselves, enjoying our freedom and start making American great again.







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