Trump Isn’t Running Against Biden. He’s Running Against Anthony Fauci.


Yesterday the President of the United States (it’s still someone named Donald Trump, by the way), tweeted that the CDC was ‘lying’ about the threat from Covid-19. Meanwhile, the biggest CDC liar, Anthony Fauci, had an online discussion with the Dean of Stanford University’s medical school, and told endless lies again.

Here’s a quick summary of the lies that Fauci has told: wear a mask, mandate social distancing, open public spaces on a gradual basis depending on the ebb and flow of viral infections in any particular city or town. As for re-opening schools, Fauci said yet another lie, which was that the importance of brining kids back to the classroom had to be balanced against risk, ditto whether jurisdictions should impose restrictions on leaving the home.

In other words, the whole point of the medical approach should be based on controlling but not eliminating person-to-person contact until an effective vaccine has been developed, tested, and used.

The reason that this approach is chock-full of lies is that it isn’t based on science, it’s based on getting rid of Trump. You see, the CDC, like all federal government agencies, is staffed by people who were appointed by Obama. These people hate Donald Trump. These people are agents of the same Communist-atheist-liberal  conspiracy which wants to prevent America from becoming great again.

Think I’m kidding?  This is exactly how Trump and his few remaining minions have been reacting to the scientific efforts to develop a clear and effective response to Covid-19. But behind this nuttiness is a more bottom-line strategy, namely, to remove from people’s minds the idea that they can or should rely on the federal government to respond to threats to public health. After all, the whole point about defunding Obamacare is to get government out of the health business and to make the delivery of medicine a free-market affair. Public health, on the other hand, rests on the idea that  government should managing health and health outcomes, which is exactly what the Republican don’t want.

On the other hand, while Trump tries desperately to rein in the authority of the federal government so that he can tell his deranged supporters that he’s ‘draining the swamp,’ the vacuum in political leadership is being filled by local and state political leaders who happen, in many cases, to represent the GOP.

Last week, the mayors of four Arizona cities – Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson and Tolleson – wrote a joint letter to Governor Doug Ducey, telling him to get more aggressive in dealing with Covid-19. Arizona is one of the states which has seen a dramatic increase in cases, with daily numbers around 2,000 until the beginning of June, and daily cases above 3,000 as the new norm. The mayors were particularly anxious to see a statewide mask mandate, as well as an increase in testing facilities and more closures of public space.

In Florida, the state which has experienced the worst recent outbreak of the virus, the GOP Governor, Ron DeSantis, continues to parrot Trump in talking about how things are getting back under control. Meanwhile, the state which was running around 1,000 cases daily at the beginning of June, has counted more than 70,000 cases in the last week. Meanwhile, yesterday DeSantis announced that 2,000 nurses would be contracted to come into hospitals throughout the state.

It should be noted that both Arizona and Florida were solid red states for the Presidential election in 2016. Right now, Biden leads Trump by three points in Arizona, in Florida he leads by five. Right now the national rate of Covid infections per 100,000 persons stands at 992.  Of the 12 states that pollsters say are ‘in play’ for November, 4 states – IA, GA, FL, AZ – have rates above that mark, and 3 other states – NV, TX, NC – will be at that level fairly soon. Trump needs all 7 these states plus at least 2 of the other 5 ‘in play’ states if he doesn’t want to start packing up in the White House after November 3rd.

Now do you understand why Anthony Fauci and not Joe Biden is running against Donald Trump?


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