Don’t Forget That We Need The Senate, Too.


For those of us who really can’t stand any more noise from Trump, let’s not forget that part of his ability to gain media traction every time he opens his mouth is due to some friends he has up on Capitol Hill. The Senate is in Republican hands, with a margin of 53 to 47, an increase from 51 to 49, which is how the upper chamber was divided before the election in 2018.

Had the Democrats done in the Senate what they did in the House in 2018, there’s a good chance that Trump would already be gone. The impeachment proceedings would have been entirely different, including testimony from some key witnesses, like John Bolton, who were able to escape public scrutiny because the Senate minority couldn’t compel testimony from many key players, perhaps even from the President himself.

A story in The Hill says that Trump may have already asked White House counsel to draft a Presidential self- pardon that would have been used if the 2018 Senate election had gone the other way. If the Senate turns blue in 2020 but somehow Trump manages to remain the tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N,W., maybe such a pardon might come in handy t some point over the following four years.

Be that as it may, right now there are 7 Senate races which could go either way, 6 of which are for seats currently held by members of the GOP caucus, one held by a member of the blue team. If the Democratic incumbent in Michigan, Gary Peters, heads off a challenge from an African-American West Point graduate who is doing his best to pretend that he’s in no way connected to Donald Trump, the Democrats will still have to win 4 of the other 6 contested races, in order to hold a 51-49 edge beginning in 2021. If another Democratic Senate seat turns from blue to red (e.g., Alabama), then we have to grab 5 of the 6 ‘at-play’ Senate seats.

Here are those races and where things stand right now:

  • Arizona: Kelly (D) – 48.3 vs. McSally – 41.7
  • Colorado: Hickenlooper (D) – 51.0 vs. Gardner – 40.0
  • Iowa: Greenfield (D) – 44.0 vs. Ernst – 43.0
  • Maine: Gideon (D) – 44.5 vs. Collins – 0
  • Montana: Bullock (D) – 46.0 vs. Daines – 44.0
  • North Carolina: Cunningham (D) – 44.2 vs. Tillis – 40.5.

The good news for these 6 Democratic challengers is that Biden holds a lead against Trump in 4 of those 6 states, and only in Montana does I look like Trump can end up on top. So in 5 of these 6 Senate battleground states, right now the polls indicate that as of November 4th, a member of the GOP caucus will soon be out of a job.

In the same way that I am going to update the ‘at-play’ Presidential states each week, so I will also update these Senate races as more polls come in. As of today:


I’m into the Biden campaign for a monthly donation that will get me to the maximum on October 15th. As for the Senate, I sat down at the end of June, took a look at how much I spent on take-out for the entire month, then went back to the same bank statement a year ago and compared how much I spent in June, 2019, when I could eat every restaurant meal by sitting down in the joint.

I put about $600 less on my Visa this year than I racked up last year. That money just went to the Senate Campaign Committee and I’m going to send a donation to them every month as well. If Covid-19 is preventing me from enjoying myself at my favorite eating spots around town, at least I can take out my frustration on those GOP wimps who remain steadfastly enamored of Donald ‘I am not a crook’ Trump.



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