It’s Our Fault If We Don’t Dump Trump.


You may recall that back on June 29th, a couple came stood in front of their St. Louis home with drawn guns which they waved at a group of Black Lives Matter protestors who were walking by. The incident stirred up all kinds of emotions on both sides of the virus and the gun debates, with the alt-right noise machine lionizing this couple as representing everything that was great and important about 2nd-Amendment ‘rights.’

Yesterday the gun-toters were indicted on a felony charge of threatening someone by brandishing guns. A statement from the prosecutor said: “We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation will not be tolerated.”

The couple, Mark and Pat McCloskey, happen to be personal-injury attorneys. For all I know, they were hoping that one of the demonstrators would do something which would result in getting shot, at which point the shooters might have been able to sign up another personal-injury case.

Missouri has a strong Stand Your Ground (SYG) law, by the way. But the law only goes into effect if someone comes onto your personal property with the intention of committing some kind of harm. Last time I checked, the street in front of the McCloskey home was owned by the City of St. Louis, and all of the protestors were walking in the street.

The bad news for the McCloskeys and the good news for the rest of us is that if the legal team of McCloskey & McCloskey is convicted of the felony for which they are being charged, even if their sentence is commuted to some kind of ‘community service,’ they lose their guns. The Missouri Governor of course immediately stated that he would pardon the couple if they were charged. This is the Governor whose state rushed to re-open and is now considering having to be locked down again. This is the same Governor who said that any kid who caught the virus from going to school would “get over it.”

This is what goes on when the President of the United States goes out of his way to use violent behavior involving the use of a gun to justify and explain how he would behave. Remember how he said that he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue, shoot someone and not lose a single vote? He could have made the same point about the strength of his support without mentioning the word ‘gun.’ He could have described all kinds of improper behavior, but he chose to describe himself using a gun.

And this wasn’t an accidental slip of the tongue, believe me, it wasn’t. This is the same President who has voiced his support again and again for armed protestors who show up at rallies that were held to protest lockdown rules, even though lately I don’t notice so many of those protests taking place. Gee, I wonder why.

Incidentally, before I finish today’s column, there’s a really solid and detailed interview with Anthony Fauci which you can read right here.  You remember Fauci, right? He’s the guy that Trump thinks is more wrong than right.

As for Trump, here’s the bottom line. We elected a President who is a stone-cold racist, with an ego so thin that he never stops telling us that he’s the ‘best’ President we ever had. Come November 3rd, we need to dump this POS out of the White House. And if we don’t, frankly, we deserve what we get.

1 thought on “It’s Our Fault If We Don’t Dump Trump.

  1. Interesting how these people, who do not claim to be “gun people” didn’t have a negligent discharge. I know someone who has had at least seven negligent discharges and he claims to be a gun person.


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