Genug! On November 3rd.

              I have a couple of gun-nut friends who voted for Trump in 2016.  Gee, what a surprise. Frankly, I really couldn’t blame them when I think about the person who ran on our side. But that’s all in the past. The question is, what are we going to do in 2020, right?

              So I asked these two guys whether they were going to vote for Trump again and they both said ‘yes.’ And when I asked them why, they both told me that they were impressed with how quickly Trump moved to get big pharma to start working on a vaccine. “You gotta be a businessman like Trump to get something like that done,” they both said.

              Now I may be in a minority of anti-Trumpers, because I don’t blame him for missing the early Covid-29 signs. Frankly, so did everyone else. But the medical center near me was mandating masks by March 15; it only took Trump four months to figure that one out.

              Trump’s strategy for dealing with any public issue, political or otherwise, was taught to him by Roy Cohn and Roger Stone – both convicted felons, by the way. Cohn taught him to never back down, to never admit being wrong; Stone showed him how to attack every political opponent by saying the dirtiest, the most dishonest, the most inflammatory things. Where do you think the ‘birther’ movement came from, okay?

              Trump got himself impeached by sending his private attorney to the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.  The problem is that Biden’s been around so long that every bit of dirt about him has been out there forever and none of it has ever stuck.

              If you can’t go after Biden, why not go after a ‘left-wing’ union like the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). After all, if it weren’t for the fact that the AFT supports Biden, they wouldn’t be against the re-opening of schools. When Chris Wallace told Trump last week that the federal education aid he was threatening to withhold from unopened schools went to pay for the most underprivileged and vulnerable kids, it was the only moment during the entire, hour-long interview that Trump shut the f**k up and didn’t reply.

              The ‘new’ Trump campaign narrative seems to go like this: The real enemy is the Chinese government which unleashed a ‘secret’ virus to destroy the wonderful economic recovery managed by Trump. The real hero is none other than President Trump who is responsible for getting big pharma to develop a vaccine in record time. And by the way, just remember that a vote for Biden is a vote for Socialism, Communism, and the Deep State.

              The problem in this approach, however, is that the real enemy, a germ known as Covid-19, does whatever it wants regardless of what Trump says about the Chinese, the World Health Organization, the ‘alarmist’ Anthony Fauci, or anyone else. This morning he sent out the following tweet: “We have conducted nearly three times as many tests as all of the other countries in the western hemisphere combined”

              And this is supposed to mean what? That we should be happy that the United States is responding to an unprecedented medical threat faster and with more resources than Honduras or even Brazil? The last time I looked, our per-capita GDP was 5 times higher than Brazil, 30(!) times higher than Honduras. And we are doing better than those countries in dealing with Covid-19?

              Here’s the bottom line. Donald Trump is what my grandfather would have called a vantz. It’s Yiddish slang and the best way I can translate it is ‘obnoxious punk.’ Which I think is a rather good description for how Trump behaves.

              I’ll give you another Yiddish phrase which we need to keep reminding ourselves as we move towards November 3rd. It was a phrase my grandmother always used when she wanted me to shut up: Genug shoin, she would say. Which means – enough already.

              Or just shorten it to genug. Enough. On November 3rd, genug.

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