Weekly Update On Senate Races

              So yesterday, America’s Commander-in-Chief directing our war against the unseen enemy from China went to two battlegrounds where the troops are being marshalled for the next campaign. First he went to Ohio where he briefly toured a manufacturing plant just to remind everyone that he built the greatest economy of all time. Then he stopped off for a quick fundraiser at a yacht club before going to the second front, his golf course at Bedminster, NJ.

              Trump has come up with a new twist on campaigning to replace the big rallies that he was running until the crowds stopped showing up. He flies somewhere every day and sets down in a couple of airports where devoted fans and admirers can get to see him face-to-face. On Wednesday he dropped down at the airport in Wheeling, WV where the crowd was estimated to be 100 or so.

              Anyone willing to take short odds on whether Trump will fly out to South Dakota to spend some time at the annual Harley jamboree at Sturgis? The organizers were initially expecting as many as 750,000 bikers but now it looks like the event will end up being about one-third that size. I can’t think of any group other than the Harley Hogs that Trump has spent more time kissing their collective rear ends over the last four years.

              Trump’s decision to start a tariff war with the EU in 2017 resulted in a collapse of Harley sales overseas and a loss of American jobs when Harley moved some of its production overseas. Of course this won’t stop all those Harley owners at Sturgis from showing up in their MAGA hats. Which only goes to show you that what Trump say and what Trump does may have little, if any reality tied to it at all.

              There is, however, the reality of what is now nearly 160,000 Americans have died in the corona war, with some estimates projecting as many as 300,000 casualties by year’s end unless the Commander-in-Chief mandates the universal wearing of masks. But we don’t need no stinkin’ masks because Trump is now predicting that a vaccine might be ready to go perhaps as early as November 3rd.  Does he need any evidence at all in order to make that claim? Is New York a city? [No – it’s a jungle!]

              Anyway, all Trump’s bullsh*t to the contrary, here is the weekly update on the crucial Senate races and the numbers continue to look good:

              We now have current polls for all six ‘in-play’ seats and the blue team is running ahead in five of those contests. Unless any other Senate race shows an unexpected shift towards the red team, we need four of these races to go blue, and right now we are ahead in five. In three of those five contests, our side is closing on the coveted 50% mark, with our man Mark Kelly just about there.

              For all his running around, you would think that our Commander-in-Chief would stop off in these critical, Senate-swing states to give GOP candidates a boost. The last time he visited Arizona was June 23, his last visit to Iowa was January 30, the last time he stepped foot in Maine was June 5, his last stop in Colorado was February 20, but at least he stopped off in North Carolina on July 27th. Boy – talk about a campaign that’s taking him to where the action is.

              When you finish reading this column, do me a favor. Go to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee website and drop them a few bucks. Why don’t you send them what you would have spent this week eating out? That’s what I just did and the DSCC has an additional $240 they can distribute to the in-play Senate campaigns.

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