The Perfect Choice!

I was going to write a column today on state-level campaign polls and what they show and don’t show. But obviously today it’s incumbent upon all of us to spend a little time thinking about Joe’s perfect choice. And Kamala really is the perfect choice, but you’ll have to read to the end of this text to see why.

Now you would think that the RNC would have gotten together with the Trump campaign at some point and put together some clear, coherent talking points to be used for whichever person ended up being picked by Joe. After all, once Joe said that he was going to choose a woman of color, it’s not as if this made it difficult to figure out who would end up on the short list.

I listened to and watched at least 5 radio and TV shock-jocks yesterday and today, and their reactions to Kamala ranged from stupid, to incoherent and back to stupid again. They couldn’t figure out whether her ‘tough-on-crime’ policy as the California AG was good or bad for either the Democrats or the GOP; they couldn’t figure out whether coming from a far-Left state like California where they teach Marxism in the public schools was good or bad; and one of them repeatedly mis-pronounced her name.

But the worst ‘let me tell you about your Kamala’ performance was turned in by none other than America’s wartime leader himself, who answered a couple of non-question questions from Sean Hannity and then launched into a rant about the Russian ‘hoax’ and the economic threat posed by windmills.

Back in 1982-84, I was Public Information Officer for the New York State Assembly, which means I worked for the Democratic leadership headed by the Assembly Speaker, Stanley Fink. At one point I mentioned to the Speaker that the incoming Governor, Mario Cuomo, seemed to be getting very good press. To which the Speaker replied, “You always look good until someone starts leaning on you.”

We need to remember that until just a couple of month’s ago, nobody was leaning on Trump. Sure, he was occasionally asked a real question by some Deep State reporter which he didn’t bother to answer; sure, the liberal blogs ran negative stories about him which nobody read; sure, he was attacked by the House political leadership, Pelosi, et. al., at news conferences that nobody watched. Everyone knew that the impeachment would never even get to a Senate vote, and until Joe basically cleaned up in the primary campaign, the various would-be Democratic Presidential candidates spent most of their time attacking each other – Trump would have to wait.

But the waiting is now over and guess what? Trump isn’t going to be leaned on by one candidate but by two. And know why Kamala is the perfect choice to be Number 2? Because she’s so much like a Number 1. She’s Presidential in every sense of the word. She gets up on a stage in front of people and you know she’s really there.

What a perfect, perfect choice.

1 thought on “The Perfect Choice!

  1. Several thoughts:
    I think a big question here is whether Bernie can bring along the progressives to actually vote (and vote for the Dems) this time.
    Given that she’s centrist and her background is “law and order,” I personally think the things she did do or didn’t do as DA and AG are the major things that are going to bite her.
    I think Kamala’s direct and feisty style is a great complement to Joe.


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