Trump Will Get The African-American Vote Like I’ll Stay On My Diet.

              My two American heroes are Arnold Rothstein and Richard Nixon. One fixed a World Series, the other tried to fix a Presidential election. Now we have someone else trying to vie for the second spot on my list, and it’s none other than Jared Kushner, the idiot son-in-law of our wartime President, a.k.a. Donald Trump.

              It turns out that Kushner is behind this so-called Presidential campaign started up by Kanye West, the singer-husband of Kim Kardashian who met with Trump to help get the federal crime laws changed. So the effort by Kushner to help West’s campaign is obviously some kind of pay-back deal since West has made it clear that he’s running to pull votes away from the Biden-Kamala campaign.

              Every four years the GOP comes up with some well-known Black personality who says he thinks that Blacks who vote Democratic are just being duped. It’s usually some sports guy like Charles Barkley or Herschel Walker. This year it might have been a business guy like Herman Cain except he caught the Covid-19 virus at the Trump rally in Tulsa and now he’s dead. Oh well, oh well.

              Blacks are about to vote Republican like I’m about to vote Republican. My mother and her parents came to America from some God-forsaken shtetl in the Ukraine which had been burned to the ground by Cossacks not once, but twice. My grandmother saw her father, my great-grandfather, shot dead in the street. They got to America just before the immigration laws were changed and the doors to the ‘golden land’ were slammed shut.

              The 1924 immigration law was a Republican law and was signed by a Republican President, okay? The law was actually quite similar to the law that our present wartime leader tried to pass in 2017. And that’s why I have never voted for a single Republican and I never will. Sorry, but certain memories like my grandmother recounting her father’s death, die hard.

              Know why Blacks vote Democratic? It’s called the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Acts of 1964-65. Know who signed those bills into laws? A Democratic President named LBJ. Know what the 1964 GOP Presidential candidate said about those laws? He said they represented an ‘infringement’ on states’ rights.

              We now have a sitting President whose attitude towards anyone who isn’t White can be described in one, simply word: Klan. And if you don’t understand what that word means, just call up one of your African-American friends, repeat that word and listen to what he or she says. I guarantee they will say the same thing I would say except I don’t want to say it in print. Maybe Trump enjoys using profanity in public – I don’t.

              Yesterday the one-day Covid death number hit 1,500, the highest daily count of the entire Summer. And a new study done at the CDC indicates that the overall viral death number may already be above 200,000, with many more to come. As of the end of May, Black deaths per 100,000 were three times higher than the White death rate, in Kansas the Black-White gap is seven times higher, in Michigan and Missouri it’s only five.

              Don’t think for one minute that this awful disparity won’t be mentioned by Joe and Kamala as thy make their ‘case’ against Trump. And if Kushner or his father-in-law actually believe they can move the needle on how Blacks vote because they have Kanye West on their side, they’ll buy any loony strategy that anyone tries to sell them between now and November 3rd.

              By the way, I’m very happy about the deal just announced to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, particularly because Israel will suspend its plan to annex parts of the West Bank where Jewish religious chayas live.

              Will that deal make me reconsider never voting for the GOP? Yea, right.

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