Everyone Should Demand A Mail Ballot Whether You Use It Or Not.

              After I got over the shock and dismay of 2016, I decided to try and figure out what went wrong. So I bought and read Hillary’s explanation – What Happened? – and then I knew why and how she lost. 

              Hillary begins her explanation for the 2016 debacle with the following words: “I was determined not to repeat the mistake I made in 2008.” What was that mistake? She didn’t have the best and most accomplished staff. And after that opening sentence she goes on for over 30 pages describing the wonderful, senior staff that she hired for 2016. They were the best, the brightest, the most accomplished, you never saw such a bunch working on any political campaign.

              She then explains that the only reason she could have lost with that stellar lineup is because Trump ‘stole’ the election with some help from Putin, from WikiLeaks, etc., etc., etc. And this idea that Hillary should be President right now except the other side didn’t play fair continues to be a standard narrative to explain 2016.

              There’s only one little problem. She happens to be full of s*it. And the good news is that she’s finally shut up and disappeared. Of course, she’s giving a spiel at the DNC on Wednesday night – remind me not to watch.

              Let’s go back to April, 2016. With all the great talent Hillary assembled for her team, she was still slogging through a difficult primary campaign against a guy whose entire effort was based on swiping the Occupy Wall Street email list. By April 1st, on the other hand, Trump was basically the titular GOP candidate, like it or not. Who was the senior staff around Trump on that date?

              First and most important was the schmuck son-in-law who had absolutely no prior experience or involvement in political campaigns at all. Then there was schmuck son-in-law’s wife whose credentials consisted of the fact that she was Trump’s kid. Then there was Trump’s son, who is so friggin’ dumb that even Trump has let it be known that he never lets this kid make any decision on his own.

              The two ‘professionals’ on the staff were: a) a Washington lobbyist known by everyone as a crook whose entire campaign portfolio consisted of selling access to Trump at the inauguration if their campaign actually won; and, b) a volunteer fireman from New Hampshire whose entire campaign experience consisted of running a primary campaign for an incumbent U.S. Senator who – lost!

              With all the great credentials and all the experience of her senior staff, Hillary lost the 2016 election because she never (read: never) spent one friggin’ minute in 3 swing states which together she lost by 77,000 votes. Her losing margin in Michigan was less than the number of Michigan votes racked up by the Green Party candidate. How do you explain that? You create a completely false explanation and then you get some friends in the media and the DNC to repeat that nonsense for the next three years.

              Guess what? This time around Trump is stealing a page from the same playbook, except he’s not waiting until after the election takes place, he’s running with another version of how this election will get stolen by the Democrats right now.

              How are Democrats going to rig the voting? Through mail-in ballots, that’s how. I heard this argument from Glenn Beck and some other alt-right noise machine this morning; Rush was pushing it yesterday as well.

              I think everyone should immediately request a mail-in ballot, no matter where they live. I think we need to reply to this ‘rigged election’ nonsense by making it clear that we can and will vote legally in whatever manner we choose.

              And by the way, the fact that you have a mail-in ballot doesn’t mean you can’t show up at the polls and vote the usual way. Just hand the blank mail ballot to one of the poll watchers, preferably the person working for the GOP, then step into the booth and pull the Joe-Kam lever and away we go.

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