It’s Stupidity That’s Spreading The Virus And The Stupidity Has To Stop.

              The picture above was taken last night during the speech given at Fort McHenry by Mike Pence. Note how many people are wearing masks. Note how they are all sitting 6 feet away from each other. In other words, note how the GOP is now dealing with the pandemic which is still killing nearly 1,000 Americans every day. 

              Maybe there was a pandemic at some point, and maybe it was just awful when it occurred. But to paraphrase Larry Kudlow, the Administration’s chief TV-spieler turned economist, that was then and this is now. And now is when the pandemic is over and finished, so why bother to keep your distance from others or wear a mask?

              Predictably, the descent of the GOP into never-never land when it comes to the talking about the virus has become grist for the mill of our liberal media friends. Take our friend Nick Kristof whose op-ed in today’s (failing) New York Times starts off with the following question: “So why does the United States have 4 percent of the world’s population and 22 percent of coronavirus deaths?” He then goes on to quote this expert and that expert to explain for the umpteenth time why the Trump Administration’s response to the virus was way too little and way too late. Fine. That’s just great.

              And the reason I’m being sarcastic about the endless cavalcade of liberal denunciations of Trump’s handling of the virus is because these opinion pieces don’t do anything to help us get past this horrific mess. I don’t need yet another reminder of how and why Trump is the most anti-science President of all time; folks who read The (failing) New York Times don’t need more lessons about the fact that we are still facing what could be an even worse health situation once the real flu season arrives.

              This morning I walked into the Town Hall where I live to vote early for the primary election which is scheduled for next week. As I walked into the Town Clerk’s office, she and another woman hastily put on their masks. When I asked them why they weren’t wearing the masks before I walked in, nor were they sitting 6 feet apart, the Clerk brightly said to me, “Oh, we are only required to wear the mask when someone from outside the office comes in.”

              So here we have two women who are making sure that they don’t behave in a proper way during a pandemic because they aren’t ‘required’ to behave that way. Of course they both know ‘for a fact’ that neither of them might have picked up the virus in the last couple of days. And since they aren’t ‘required’ to wear masks because they certainly wouldn’t infect each other, they can just put on their masks when someone like me walks through the door.

              These two women are simply dumb. And yet their stupidity seems to be shared by a lot of Americans who also know ‘for a fact’ that they don’t need to be immunized because those shots don’t do anything for you at all. In fact, the immunization may make you sick.

The numbers may not be exact, but in 2019 roughly half of adults in this country said they didn’t need to be immunized against the flu. That’s the same percentage of people who said in June that they didn’t need to be immunized against Covid-19. Another poll in August found that ‘only’ one-third of respondents said they wouldn’t get an anti-virus shot.

              How do you deal with such errant stupidity? If you’re Donald Trump you can take advantage of that collective brain dump to promote the idea that science is nothing more than a Democrat-Socialist-Deep State plot. If you’re a liberal editorialist writing for The (failing) New York Times, you can ignore this exercise in mass ignorance even if such views only serve to make the pandemic much worse.

              Please do me a favor. Please read Nick’s column (here it is again) and then do what I did this morning, which was to write him a note saying that he and his editorial colleagues would be doing us all a very important task by figuring out how to explain to the average American the dangers of not doing everything possible to reduce the Covid-19 threat.

              Thank you in advance for your help in this respect.

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