Is Trump Still Running For President?

              So now that the conventions are finished, we can begin to figure out which candidate, if either, got a ‘bump’ from their shindig last month. And it looks like Trump pulled himself slightly closer to Joe in the aggregate national polls, but we should put the emphasis on the word ‘slightly.’

              As of the morning of August 17th, which was the day the Democrats opened their big deal, Joe was at 51.2% and Trump at 42.8%, a gap of 8,4. As of this morning, Joe was at 50.3% and Trump at 43.2%, a gap of 7.1. So Joe is still at the magic 50 mark, although he’s dropped one point; Trump has moved up by 3/10ths of 1 percent. Big deal.

              Now let’s look at the ‘battleground’ states. As of yesterday, the numbers run like this:

              How much have these numbers changed since August 17? Joe’s average for all 12 swing states was 48.41 back then, now it’s 48.15. Trump was at 44.82 on August 17, now he’s at 45.08. Basically the same. Joe continues to hold the lead in 7 states, in none of those states has his lead changed to any real degree. And by the way, in Wisconsin, where Trump spent some time yesterday making sure that everyone knows he’s strongly pro-cop, with all the looting, the crime, the violence, the this and the that, Joe’s number went from 49.1 to 49.9.

              Now here’s the second most important piece of news. In the 12 swing states, today’s Sedaris dogshit vote is exactly what it was on August 17th, namely, 6.8% of everyone polled still can’t make up their mind as to how they are going to vote. Incidentally, the ‘hidden’ vote is still not showing up in a large numbers of Libertarian voters who will, at the last minute, switch from Jorgenson to Trump, the way more than half of them switched from Johnson to Trump in 2016.  In Wisconsin, the latest poll gives Jorgenson 3%, and even if all of them moved from Jorgenson to Trump, he still wouldn’t win the Wisconsin vote.

              Now here’s the most important piece of news. Ready? Joe raised $300 million in August – Trump raised $90 million. In total fundraising, Biden has now pulled ahead of Trump by more than $100 million bucks. That’s not chopped liver folks – that’s serious dough. What it means is that Joe can basically spend whatever he wants to spend in critical media markets. And in a campaign that will be primarily fought via the media thanks to Covid-19, having that kind of money in the piggy bank is something else again.

              As of yesterday, Trump’s campaign was sitting on $120,515,990, Joe had $98,801,880 lying around. When the FEC website gets updated tomorrow or the next day, Trump will have about $200 million to spend minus what he spent this month, Joe will have twice that amount. Twice. All year long I kept hearing about the tremendous cash advantage that Trump had over all the Democrats because he had spent so much time raising money over the last four years. Gone baby, gone.

              If Fox News wasn’t the White House media operation, right now Trump would have no campaign at all. You don’t motivate voters by sitting in a room with  bunch of cops in Kenosha or some FEMA workers in Louisiana. Know how much money Trump is going to spend on ads this week? Try $1.6 million. Joe has bought more than $18 million on ads for the same period of time.

          Next week we get Michael Cohen’s book, the following week the tell-all book by Bob Woodward appears.  I’m ready to take the short odds right now that Joe will plaster Trump in their September 29 debate. Even a completely demented guy, which he isn’t, by the way, can be trained to sit there and repeat “one thousand deaths every day.”

This Is What We’ll Get With Donald Trump.

              The first time I watched the nominating roll-call at a Democratic convention was probably 1964. I think I have watched every Democratic convention nominating roll-call since that time. I don’t think I have ever watched a Republican nominating roll-call or even a Republican convention. But that’s because I don’t particularly like Republicans, and I particularly don’t like them right now because of the guy they sent to the White House in 2017.

              What struck me first about last night’s roll-call was the ethnic, racial, gender, and cultural diversity of the delegates representing the 50 states and the non-state territories like American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and Guam. But more important than the diversity of the delegates was the words they used when they talked about Joe. I heard words like ‘dignity,’ ‘decency,’ ‘honesty,’ being said again and again.  I haven’t heard any of those words being spoken in the Oval Office since before January, 2017.

              I don’t think Trump’s a Fascist; I’m not against him because he is attempting to destroy American Constitutionalism or any of the hyper-charged criticisms made by my friends on the blue team.  I’m against him for one, simple reason, which is that he uses language that demeans and degrades the Office of the President, meaning he’s demeaning and degrading all of us.

              The President of the United States doesn’t use profanity. The President of the United States doesn’t insult his political ‘enemies.’ The President of the United States doesn’t call someone a ‘punk,’ or a ‘rat,’ or a ‘low-life,’ or a ‘bum.’ The President of the United States doesn’t talk like some pissed-off old drunk sitting on a barstool in Richmond Hill, Queens.

              If ‘sleepy’ Joe Biden does nothing except continue to speak with the same degree of decency and dignity with which he has spoken over the course of his entire career, then he will do more to move the country forward in the first week of his Presidency than Donald Trump has done in nearly four years.

              I want to vote for our President to know that every time he opens his mouth, he is not just speaking to me, he is speaking for me. This seems to be a basic tenet of Presidential behavior that Donald Trump refuses to understand.

              As opposed to the Democrats, the people planning the GOP convention are playing their cards very close to their vest. They haven’t announced the names of speakers, they haven’t given even a hint at what the convention program will be about. Which leads me to believe that what they intend to do is double down on the most insidious, racist messaging they can get away with, and they’ll use phony video clips and other messaging props to appeal to the lowest, common social denominator, the so-called Trump ‘base.’

              Yesterday, one of Trump’s most loyal political base-tenders, Rush Limbaugh, told his audience that the whole Covid-19 threat was going to disappear, and it was only considered a problem by the corrupt, mainstream media which would do anything to keep the story alive. What was his proof? The number of daily cases in Florida which had dropped from more than 14,000 in mid-July to somewhere above 2,000 the past couple of days.

              What Limbaugh didn’t happen mention, was that on average, the daily number of Covid-19 deaths in Florida has increased from 50 at the beginning of July to more than 150 every day since August 1st. Today, I received a letter from the Trump campaign asking me to donate some bucks, and the text refers to the virus as a ‘ploy’ being used by the Democrats to defeat Trump and prevent him from making America great again.

              First it was the Chinese flu, then it is what it is, now a pandemic which has killed over 170,000 Americans is a ‘ploy.’ But what else can Trump say?  I’ll tell you what he’ll say at his convention next week. He’ll say the craziest, nastiest, most racist things that any President has ever said, because that’s who we elected in 2016.

              That’s what we’ll get – guaranteed..

What Happened To Trump’s Big ‘Base?’

              I would love to know how many people watch Trump’s so-called ‘briefings’ every day. First of all, he has nothing to say. Second, he just repeats the same lies and insults again and again. If this is how his new campaign manager has re-set his floundering campaign, as my grandfather would say, oy zuch en vay, which basically means you can stick it you know where.

              Now that we are into the fifth, straight month in which Biden continues to hold the same, 8-point lead, I think it’s safe to ask the inevitable question which is this: Why does anyone think that Trump can win again? Why may sound really stupid until and unless you take a long, hard look at the numbers from 2016. And what those numbers really show is that Trump won the 2016 election by a margin so slight that the idea of a big, devoted ‘base’ ready to support him again is a big, fat, joke – almost as fat as his rear end.

              Trump became #45 because he got 306 electoral votes. The only two Presidential elections in the past hundred years where the winner received fewer electoral votes was Bush in 2000 and Carter in 1976. But Carter won the popular vote in 1976 and Bush lost the popular vote by less than 500,000 votes. Trump lost the 2016 popular number by 3 million votes.

              Now let’s look at the so-called ‘swing’ of blue to red states. In fact, what really got Trump into the White House were the results from three states: Michigan, Wisconsin, and PA. The last time these states voted red was in 1988. Together, those 3 reliably-blue states gave Clinton 6,577,816 votes, Trump got 6,655,560, a difference of 77,744 votes, a difference of one-half of one percent of all the votes cast in those three states.

              Now you would think that someone who came into office with such a razor-thin margin would realize right from the git-go that his term of office would be shaped by how well he could convince a real majority of Americans that he understood why they didn’t want him around. To the contrary, what Trump has done for the last four years minus three months is to pretend that his election heralded not only the rebirth of America, but the beginnings of a new ‘movement’ that has never been seen before.

              This new ‘movement’ is so big and strong that they couldn’t even turn out a full house at Trump’s June rally in Tulsa, and had to postpone his New Hampshire rally in early July, an event, by the way, that his campaign said would be ‘re-scheduled’ for sometime in the following two weeks.

Know what the great campaigner did yesterday? He held a meeting in the White House to announce yet another Executive Order requiring that the federal government always hire Americans first. Here is what he said: “I’m signing an executive order to ensure that the federal government lives by a very simple rule: Hire American. We’ve been doing it at a level that hasn’t been done maybe ever.”

              Note the word ‘maybe.’ The truth is that his claim about hiring Americans first for government jobs was a statement he made up right there and then. So he inserted the word ‘maybe’ just to make sure that when someone does a quick fact-check and discovers that he was wrong, his silly, little press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, doesn’t have to admit that he lied.

              Want a better one? Trump is now defending his non-response to the Covid crisis by saying that we have ‘better numbers’ than anywhere else. Our per-capita GDP happens to be four times higher than the rest of the world. And Trump is comparing our Covid response to countries whose economies produce a fraction of the goods and services that we enjoy?

              That’s me (above) putting the Biden sign on my front door. If Trump wants to continue using the most foul, racist narrative to appeal to his so-called base, let him go right ahead. Just remember, we only need three states.